Dear music lovers and live music enthusiasts,

As most of you have read, shows have been cancelled left and right, and also a lot of our upcoming shows have been hit by COVID-19 related venue closings. The bands and I are working hard on rescheduling those dates to make sure you’ll get to enjoy their shows when everybody is safe and healthy again. We will keep you posted.

On the bright side, we have some really cool things happening this week to take your mind off the mayhem for a minute:

MARCH has released their album “Set Loose” which you have to check out and bang your head to NOW!
– Not On Tour has just published a rocking full length live session at River Studios Tel Aviv on YouTube
F.O.D. has released their brand new album “Sleepville” and it’s an absolute banger!
– The Human Project just announced the rerelease of their debut album Origins via Lockjaw Records, Pre Sale starts tomorrow at 11:00AM

All links in comments.

While health always comes first, there’s no denial that there’s a huge economical impact on the event industry ahead of us. If you want to support your scene, now is the time to buy that t-shirt or vinyl of your favourite band that you always wanted online, call up your gig buddies and chip in together on donations for your local live music club or sign petitions for freelance industry workers who are facing a loss of income for months. Government actions and support, if there will be any, can take months to take effect and some small business owner and full time artists might not survive that stretch. So let’s stick together and support each other where we can.

Until then, let’s stay healthy, calm and optimistic and let’s look forward to a ridiculous amounts of shows once this whole thing is over.

High fives from Berlin,
Eva | GRöli Music