GRöli Music is a booking agency, artist management & tour service company based in Berlin, Germany.

GRöli Music has established a critically acclaimed roster in the genres of punk rock, rock, indie and indie pop music.
GRöli Music is further more pushing international up-and-coming bands and artists in those genres and is dedicated to support talent to establish or elaborate their name in the industry.
GRöli Music is booking shows in and around Europe and UK and is also busy extending the network on other continents such as North-, South- and Central America.
GRöli Music is offering management and conceptional help for record releases and touring, providing a network of partners within and outside of live music such as labels, publicists, merchandise companies but also backline, touring staff and tour transportation companies and international tour booking agencies.
GRöli Music is providing professional and experienced tour service with tour management and merchandise & management.
GRöli Music was founded by a woman who has been an active part of music industry as an artist, employee and music enthusiast.
GRöli Music is dedicated to empower and support other women who are doing the same, or would like to do the same.

Booking, advancing, production: The Interrupters, Pennywise, Jello Biafra, Ignite, Swingin’ Utters, Masked Intruder, Useless ID, Strung Out, Good Riddance, Face To Face, Not On Tour, Love A, Egotronic, Tubbe, Ira Atari, Trouble Orchestra, Findus, Saalschutz, Junk Star, Austin Lucas, Vkgoeswild, Smoke Or Fire, F.O.D., The Human Project, Tsunami Bomb, Eat Defeat, Bandaid Brigade, CF98, NOBRO, No Trigger, Now Ex, Les Shirley, MARCH, Vulvarine, Tusky & many more

Event production & management 
Papa Roach, Frank Turner, Lemmy The Movie Premier + Aftershow Party, JackAss The Movie Premier Aftershow Party, BossHo$$, The Baboon Show, Jaya The Cat, Airborne Toxic Event, Bread & Butter Aftershow Party Berlin, Kadavar & many more

Festival production and management: Punk in Drublic Europe, InEuphoria Festival Amsterdam, ORWOHaus Festival Berlin, X-Berg für Haiti

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