GRöli Music is a booking agency, artist management & tour service company based in Berlin, Germany. Truth be told, it’s has been a one-woman army lead by myself, Eva Rölen, since 2018 and I’ve been a solo entrepreneur since. So, hi! Nice to meet you and thank you for checking out my page. I guess you’re here to hear a little bit about myself. Here we go:

Like most of the people who end up in music business, I am a a musician myself. A former wanna-be-rockstar who changed to the dark side of the nitty-gritty world of music business when things got real. I have been active in live music since 2005, with working full-time in music industry since 2009.

When school was over and my my first punk band managed to pull off their 50th show, I decided to move to the Netherlands to get a  bachelor degree in international music management. Since then I have worn many hats in the event industry: Starting with internships in event bars and DIY Festivals, moving on to full-time jobs as a promoter (White Trash Fast Food, DE Berlin), then slowly morphed into the booking world as an agent (Audiolith Booking DE Berlin, Destiny Tourbooking DE Berlin) I pulled back by promoting shows- and festivals independently while eventually starting to work as tour manager and merchandiser for various bands and venues. All while still trying to remain a practicing musician myself.

After feeling the waters for over 9 years it was time to fly solo in 2018, starting my own little agency “GRöli Music”. Why leaving secure full-time jobs in prestigious venues and agencies you ask? Well. Booking is a VERY boring task if you are not fire and flame for who you work with. Bosses are lame (most of them, not all!). Most bands I booked and worked with over the years were 80% 40+ years old male artists, who had been around for decades. And most of them were buddies of my 40+ year old male bosses.

I loved what I did, but the how and who and where needed a little upgrade.
I wanted my own buddies! I asked myself: Where are all the ladies at in Rock Music? Why are they not on stage? And maybe, one day, I could be a pain-in-the-ass to my employers too.

GRöli Music was born.

GRöli Music is dedicated to supporting national & international up-and-coming artists and groups of all genres who want to establish a name in the industry.
GRöli Music is booking shows in and around Europe, UK and is also currently busy building a network in North America.
GRöli Music is offering management and conceptional help for record releases, marketing and touring, providing in-depth knowledge and a comprehensive network of international partners within the music- and event industry including labels, publicists, merchandise companies but also backline companies , touring staff and tour transportation companies as well as international partner agencies.
GRöli Music is providing professional and experienced tour service for tour management and assistance, event production and merchandise management and vending.
GRöli Music was founded by a woman who has been an active part of music industry as an artist, employee, entrepreneur and music enthusiast.
GRöli Music is committed to empower and support other women who are doing the same, or would like to do the same and are struggling to do so.

There you go. That’s my little story about my way of distributing “good” music and high-fives all over the world. If you have any questions, want to know more about a band or simply just want to say hi, drop me a mail.