Tour Service

Thanks for checking out my page! I appreciate your interest, so here’s a little something about my history on the road. I have been touring since the age of 16 as a musician with bands and with befriended bands. When I also started booking artists in 2009, I began joining them on tour whenever I wasn’t touring myself with my own bands.  I slowly starting to substitute as tour manager / band sitter / drinking buddy over the years, which often times ended up with me doing merch at the shows, too.

Taking on NOT ON TOUR as booking agent in 2016, booking their shows at Audiolith and Destiny Tourbooking, was quite a game changer. I soon after became their full-time band manager, tour manager and merchandise manager, joining them on every tour in Europe, Russia and Turkey between March 2018 and January 2020. Tour life was great and exciting, so obviously I wanted more.

I packed up my stuff and left my full-time job at Destiny Tourbooking in 2018 and went solo with GRöli Music. My first tour as a self-employed business owner was with Californias’ skate punk heroes PENNYWISE and I have continued touring with other bands as merchandise manager and vendor, assistant TM, production manager and tour manager since.

Touring history:

Jaya The Cat (merch)

egotronic (TM)

Not On Tour (TM, PM, merch)

Pennywise (merch, assist TM, PM)

No Fun At All (TM, PM, merch)

PUP (merch)

Jimmy Eat World (merch)

Mad Caddies (merch, TM assist)

Terrorgruppe (merch)


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