It’s been a while since the latest update at GRöli Music! Don’t be fooled, we’ve been busy here at our new head quaters in Berlin Friedrichshain on RAW! Can’t wait to present you the new talents who joined the GRöli Roster, so let’s start with the amazing Vkgoeswild! Vika is a Ukrainian pianist who moved to Germany as a kid and went through special music schools to become the amazing pianist she is today. Vika turned to Vkgoeswild when she channelled all the pressure that came with competitions, exams, and concert performances requiring utmost commitment. As Vkgoeswild she turns her favorite rock, metal and heavy music into intense, impressive piano arrangements that are fascinating over 2 million fans on her YouTube channel. She’s a bit of an online star and we want to bring her back on stage to show her incredible talent to the world face-to-face! Her first confirmed show this year is a Corona safe gig on July 24th at Backstage, Munich.