F.O.D. | Duffel, BE

Since the release of their debut EP ‘Dance To This!’> in 2011, F.O.D. has become a household name in the Belgian punk rock scene. The band built a steady live reputation with their catchy melodies, much in the vein of what their legendary predecessors such as Green Day, Descendents, Lagwagon and Bad Religion have delivered us over the past few decades. Their first video, the instant Pop Punk anthem ‘Carry on’ became a classic among the scene.

Seven years and three full albums later, F.O.D. has toured around the world, with highlights such as a touring Canada, Japan, Europe and supporting SUM41, Lagwagon, Satanic Surfers, No Fun At All and Frenzal Rhomb . F.O.D.’s steady rise brought them playing main stages at major Punk rock festivals in Europe such as Groezrock(2x), Punk Rock Holiday, Jera On Air, KNRD-Fest, Brakrock,…

F.O.D. delivers catchy, melodic punkrock-songs with loads of harmonies, straight from the heart! Music can be heard in discography below.
While singer Hans Roofthooft released a solo album early 2019 (no punk rock), he also kept writing for the band, working on their widely anticipated fourth full album!

“Sleepville” will be released on 20 March 2020: a story telling album that takes its listener on a journey through time. Each record will come with an actual book that has its own artwork, which contains the story of the quiet town of Sleepville and its inhabitants. In their announcement the band writes that they will be ignoring the boundaries of punk rock for this release. If that does not spark your imagination, I don’t know what will…

Hans Roofthooft: Singer-guitarist
Stijn De Waele: Singer-backings
Pierre Janssens: Bass guitar
Lode De Feyter: Drums

F.O.D. shared the stage with

National names: Gwyllions, Janez Detd, Flatcat, CPX, Cornflames, The Kids, Belgian Asociality, the Octopussys, Gino’s Eyeball, The Rocket, Face The Fax, Arizona, Generation84, Homer, Diablo Blvd, Set Things Right, This Kid, Off The Cross, Young Hearts, Altitude, The Priceduifkes, For I Am … and many other great bands!

International names: SUM41, No Fun At All, Lagwagon, Satanic Surfers, Masked Intruder, Gameface, Implants, SNFU, Local Resident Failure, Useless ID, Ten Foot Pole, The Murderburgers, Antillectual, Adrenalized, Restorations, The Menzingers, Not Available, Cobra Skulls, MxPx, A Wilhelm Scream, Off with Their Heads, 7 Seconds, Not On Tour, Strike Anywhere, Mute, Skin of Tears, Face To Face, 88 Fingers Louie, Mike TV, The Real Danger, …



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