Heya long time no see! Thanks for checking in!

First of all, I am inviting you all to my birthday party! MEET ME AT THE SPÄTKAUF happens on May 28th at Badehaus, Berlin! I am not turning Twenty3 by the way. But MARCH and VULVARINE as well as my own band THE PHOTSANS will hit the stage! And my wonderful friend SANTINA RUNAWAY will be behind the turn tables before, during and shortly after the event! Get ready for a night of rock’n’roll and Diskokugel. I truly can’t wait.

FURTHER MORE – Here’s a swift update on what has and will be happening this year:

Fleur van Zuilen aka FLORA SKULLER and CF98 have played two beautiful acoustic-weekenders in February!
Fleur’s debut album came out in December. She was stoked to be able to present it on the road in DE, NL and BE.

MARCH kicked it off in March for an incredible year of live touring. We’ll hit the 50 gig mark by far this year! JERA ON AIR, OLGAS ROCK, BEARD ÄTTÄCK, MadNes, FALLIG OPEN AIR, WILWARIN, ASHTIVAL, TURBOJUGENDTAGE are just a few of the festival the band will play this year. Once more, they’re supporting their friends LAGWAGON in Amsterdam and Münster. Also, big news: We’re happy to announce that the new album will be released via CONCRETE JUNGLE RECORDS later this year. Get ready for a mad release tour with plenty of headline shows this winter and spring ’24!

VULVARINE has chosen the month of May for their ultimate touring month! The band hit it with bands such as THE BABOON SHOW (Vienna), THE BAR STOOL PREACHERS (Hamburg) and will support the almighty THUNDERMOTHER (Nürnberg), VALLEY OF THE SUN (Graz, Passau) and MARCH (Erfurt, Berlin) in May. They will play their longest tour so far with 10 days on tour in May through Germany and Belgium. Get ready for their biggest headline show at Arena on October 20th as well as more dates in November in Austria and Switzerland.

TWO AND A HALF GIRL has made an impressive entry on the GRÖli Roster as they were booked for beloved Festivals such as SEEPOGO, RUHRPOTT RODEO, SKATE AND DESTROY FESTIVAL, MISSION READY (warm-up show), RIEZ OPEN AIR, OLGAS ROCK, TREBUR OA, RESIST TO EXIST FESTIVAL, ROCKADE, ERNTE PUNK in Graz and the TURBOJUGENDTAGE in Hamburg. They are supporting bands such as LAGWAGON, THE HARA and NO TRIGGER and will play some headline shows at venues such as Sonic Ballroom in Köln, B58 in Braunschweig and plenty of venues in the Netherlands.

TUSKY started off the year supporting Grade 2 and Death by Stereo in Vechta and stopping over at Hafenklang Hamburg for a headline show. The band will hit HEAVY GROUNDS OA in Aschaffenburg with BORN FROM PAIN, FROM FALL TO SPRING and many more. Two more headline weekenders are coming up in October in Germany and Switzerland, playing some shows on MARCH’s Release Tour in November.

We’re stoked to have booked our first Tour for NO TRIGGER in June 2023, featuring shows with bands such as MOBINA GALORE, TWO AND A HALF GIRL, EDWARD IN VENICE, TIME SHARES, MAKEWAR, CF98 and CHASER, and festivals such as OBENUSE FESTIVAL (CH), LOW-L FEST (IT), YOUTH BRIGADE FESTIVAL and BOOZE CRUISE FESTIVAL (DE). What a tour! We’re stoked! Great to have you on board guys!

For the Pop Music lovers of you we have booked two shows for alt-pop NOW EX (London, UK) in Berlin and Hamburg in June. Both shows are about to be sold out and we couldn’t be more happy! Watch out for more shows in Germany and Scandinavia in October and November!

Don’t miss CF98 at some selected festivals this year! Polands best melodic skate punk band (sic!) will be hitting SEEPOGO (DE), BRAKROCK (BE), PUNK ROCK HOLIDAY (SLO) and MAD ONES FESTIVAL (LUX) this year!

Last but not least we’re bringing our beloved Canadians of LES SHIRLEY back in September! Rumours are the trio is playing REEPERBAHN FESTIVAL and will hit Sweden and Denmark as well as a short and very sweet tour in Germany’s most fun cities. We are so excited!

Sounds fun? Hell yeah it does! Jump over to tour dates to get the full list and tickets!